Monday, 14 August 2017

New In - July ♥

Hello everybody :)
I would like to start a new blog line with all things which arrived within a month ♥ I think its a good option, also for me, to see what I bought in a month and keep track! So maybe in a few months or a year I will be able to see what I sold and what I kept. I try to avoid buying too much items which I dont truely love and sell them again >//< Its a lot of time which is wasted by selling and of course a waste of money.. :c but atm I'm nearly 100% satiesfied with my wardrobe :) If I need money and need to sell something its nearly impossible to find something I could sell because I really like everything in my closet so much! ♥
Ahh sorry for being so late and posting this in the middle of August, but I wanted to include worn pictures as well (♡´艸`)
Longsleeve blouse with little ribbons at the collar (bought from Hopeykitty )

I first saw this blouse on her feed and immediately felt in love with it! Normally I dont like longsleeve blouses but the collar of this one is so cute and thats why I was searching for it! ♥ Unfortunately I didnt find it anywhere, but then hopeykitty was selling it on Facebook and I took my chance and bought it from her :3 She is such a nice girl! I'm still a little bit insecure about how to combine it and took her as my inspiration and combined it to the skirt we both have (っ´▽`)っ 

Web Limited cotton ribbon peplum top in white (bought from Almog)

This top was a long time on my Facebook wishlist but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it on mercari :c Cutie Almog messaged me and sold it to me and it is even NWT! ) ゜o゜( I'm still not sure about how to combine it due to the peplum because as many of you know I dont wear any pants or shorts (except for pyjama shorts lol) and its a little bit difficult to combine it with a skirt but I think it looks okay :) What do you think about? :)

Princess blouse in white 

I was eyeing with this cute blouse I got into Liz Lisa? but never found it for a good price :( Only in set with the JSK or as a replica (´・ω・`) but now I was able to find it in a part of a bundle with the off shoulder top below and a skirt (which I didnt want and already sold it). It has so many lovely details like a polka dot bow and so much lace! Its perfect for work and to coord with a lot of things ♥

Off shoulder top with brown velvet line 

I saw this top quite a lot but I was never sure if I should buy it or not! Since this summer I'm into off shoulder and when it came in a bundle with the princess blouse I grab my chance and bought it! (・ω・)b I'm a little bit unsure how to combine it because of the brown velvet line so I'm currently thinking about removing it and maybe add another colour? I think brown is a little bit difficult (especially because I dont own any brown skirts or something and idk I didnt like it with my bordeaux skirts).

My Waiting for... Mercari Order 

Here you can read about my thoughts of each of these gorgeuos pieces (◕ᴗ◕✿) I'm really happy with everything and I'm even more happier that the bikini fits pretty well & that I can keep it :3 btw the white off shouldertop is from 2015 collection :)

Many ribbons pumps in beige 
To be honest the right shoe feels really uncomfortable to me - not because its too tight or something, its just the insole feels...weird? Idk I have to look after it another time if its just slips or something QwQ but after this these shoes are really gorgeuos! They have so many beautiful details and I love the lace at the straps! Of course the heel is stunning as always with the lacing! And I'm really happy with this colour as well! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Open shoulder knit top in white
Favorite top for casual occasions ♥ Its cute and special but not too over the top! The fit is really good, the only thing I dont like is, that it is a little bit long and could be shorter! I really like the collar & of course the back with its little ribbon is adorable! I hope I will find the pink version as well somewhere because this piece is just gorgeous (♡´౪`♡)I would also like to mention that i think this top is quite long? So its a little bit difficult to wear a skirt above (like I did on my IG pic) and thats why I prefer to wear it "normal" above the skirt.

lace up tote with a little bow
New favorite bag! Its just perfect - the colour, the size, the details - I love everything so much! (♡´艸`) I already used it a lot and I'm a little bit afraid to ruin it too fast or something QwQ Also it has a really cool zipper - you can close it from both sides! Also on the side (left and right from the zipper) it has some space & I use it to store the shoulder strap when I want to use the bag as a normal handbag :) (haha sorry for same outfit except different skirt as the outfit below - I couldnt decide which outfit I like more :D )

Lace rib top in pink
I couldn't decide which skirt I like more with this top so I made two pics lol! I like both and also this top is so so pretty so you can of course combine it to a lot of skirts (but be aware that it can be really really short on you if you have a bigger chest) |・ω・`) An the other side I think the fit is a little bit as better than the white one becuase I fell like the off shoulder part is harder and thats why it dont as much as on the white?! :D 

Floral Blouse in bordeaux

Ahh as you may know I'm collecting this pattern because it is my most favorite from Liz lisa! <3 As you may know I'm not the biggest fan of set-ups due to the too cutesy prints ( I like my tops simple and without too much print) and also due to sleeves (dont ask, I dont know why I dont like them :D ) but because I collec this print I had, of course, to collect the tops as well <3 I play with the thought of cutting the sleeves off like I did with this dress here so I could wear it as a pretty sleeveless dress :) but I'm a bit afraid! What if I mess it up? Then I have to search for it again (つ﹏⊂) 

different material colour scheme string tote bag in pink
The next four pieces (inc this bag) were part of my first Youtube video which you can see here - I'm overwhelmed & really happy with it! I was afraid that I won't like the colour and regret not buying the white one, but its so pretty and I'm happy with the colour as well ♥ I really like how they did the interior design of the bigger spring & summer bags and cant wait for my other bags to arrive! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Ahh I own so many bags and want to own more and more (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I need another shelf! If Patrick would notice if another shelf would be in his room? 

Flower Lace Dress
This dress fells too big on me even if its just a little bit, becuase it dont have shirring - its a bit lose around my waist but I think it still looks really pretty on me (•ө•)♡ I'm in love with the pattern & it has the perfect length for work :) The back is really simple, but Idk I think it looks so elegant and pretty? The flower print is so lovely and I love pink flower print because they are the perfect thing to match pink accessories with it (♡´艸`) I'm really looking forward to receive the skirt version as well ♥ 

Vintage rose dress in white & bordeaux 
 Ahh the biggest surprise of this month! This two gorgeous dresses were the order before my last order which I bought on TKL and they arrived even before a lot of things from my summer sale order (which are all stuck in customs T^T ) I'm really really in love with the pattern - its so beauitful and stunning omg I cant even (⋟﹏⋞) I'm waiting for the bordeaux skirt as well and still thinking really hard if I should buy the white skirt too or not (◕ᴗ◕✿) Ahh really I feel so pretty in it! <3
I hope you enjoyed this kind of blogpost! I'm really in love with everything and I hope this feeling will stay a long time (´∀`)♡ Especially with the lovely autumn items! The only problem: When I stay in love with everything I own but my collection is growing & growing... where could I store my things ? :D I want to see everything and dont hide them in closets with doors or something T^T "I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet!" <3

Sending much love to you! Have a lovely day! :)

Monday, 7 August 2017

Photo Diary - July :)

Hello everyone, its nice to see you here (•ө•)♡
I thought it would be a nice thing to share some photos and impressions from a whole month and talk about awesome things that happenend in this month! :) I think its important to focos on the positive even if there are small things to keep your smile up! Ah be careful it will be a long post :3
Saturday, 1st July - Trip to Venlo
When Patrick bought his new car and was making a little test drive, he and his friend Wilko decided to visit Venlo (Netherlands) lol! I was super jealous because I had to work and thats why we decided to visit Venlo again (♡´౪`♡) Sorry Patrick is a little bit insecure about himself and don't like social media that much and thats why he dont want me to post any pics on Instagram or my Blog from him! :)

We picked up his friend Wilko and drove about 1,5hours to Venlo - I slept in the car lol! I'm getting extremly tired while driving (but not when I'm the driver!) so there are only two ways: let me sleep or let me sing and I only sing infront of Patrick, so I slept! (^艸^) We ate some tasty burgers and fries there, and visited "Die zwei Brüder von Venlo" (The two brothers of Venlo) which is a really really big grocery store which offers also American food flavours and also tasty dutch food ♥

Sunday, 2nd July - Sakurarisa Meet-up / Patricks Welcome Party
On this Sunday Laura, Annalena, Nadine, Lucas, Patrick and I met in Düsseldorf to celebrate that Patrick finally moved in and that I passed my exam with an A! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) It was lovely to see each other again and have a good time. First we ate some apple pie at my home and the cuties gave Patrick a sandwich maker as a present! He was incredible happy because he loves selfmade sandwiches (^▽^) It was a little bit colder than usual so Annalena & I took the chance and wore our winter boots lol! After that we eat delicious food at Café Relax and drank some bubble tea :3

Saturday, 8th July - Jorina 
Jorina is an old friend from Laura and we met her when we all went for shopping by coincidence! I thought she was really sympathic and thats why we started to write on Facebook / Whatsapp and soon met together with Laura and now again only we two (because Laura and Annalena work on Saturdays (。・ε・。) ) We went to Saturn because she wanted to buy the new season of Pretty Little Liars and after that we went for shopping and I bought a long blue skirt but returned it too back later >//< 

Then we went for some tasty frozen Yoghurt and after that to Café Relax! She had a tasty matcha latte and I eat Ebi Fry with Rice ♥ We talked a lot but then I asked the waiter if its possible to pay by card (because I was thinking about ordering more icee cream but had not that much cash) but he understood it false and thought we want to pay and so we had to leave but were not done talking (●´^`●)

Monday, 10th July Finally back from my Instagram break & cinema - Despicable Me 3
After nearly a month I finally found my self-confidence again and decided to take some new pictures for Instagram again (´・з・) As some of you may know I was really sad because I got less and less likes due to the new IG algorithm and thought that my pics were shitty .__. A friend of me told me that I may be boring for my followers because I always post the same background and that I should try something new. I decided to take a break and think about everything. Why did I start IG why did I have fun? And it was because I want to share my outsits and love for Liz Lisa and not to share fancy backgrounds or hairstyles I never wear in reallife. And after I realised that only my true followers and friends counts ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Now I'm back posting again and happier as I ever could be!
I got so many beautiful comments and messages and was so surprised that so many girls missed me (つ﹏⊂) And yes I also posted again because I got sponsored by Skyrose and had to post soon again - the things have overlapped lol :D ♥ 

In the evening Patrick and I went to the cinema to watch the new Despicable Me 3 movie! We are big fans of the cute Minions and really liked the movie (*>ω<)b The story wasn't that special, but it was really really funny! Monday is movie day so we didnt had to pay that much and only watched it in 2D :)

Monday, 17th & Tuesday 18th July - Lunch with my coworkers and bosses!( ´・ω・`)_且~
Some of you may know that I worked in the tax department during my appretenceship and now after finishing it I'm working in our Forensic department as a junior assistant :) I really cant describe how happy I am because everyone is so nice and the most important thing: the bosses appreciate you & your work! 〔´∇`〕On Monday, 17th one of my bosses invite us for lunch and I had a delicious chicken Schnitzel with french fries! On Tuesday my other boss invited my and my co-worker also for lunch,  because I'm new and he wanted to talk a little bit and get to know me better :) I had Risotto with chanterelle ♥

Wednesday 19th July - Sunday, 23th visiting my parents in the Black Forest!
Even if my parents were visiting me at the end of June we wanted to visit them again and make some holiday in the Black Forest! I was born and raised there but moved in 2015 to Düsseldorf and it was the best decision in my life! I love Düsseldorf so much and finally found true friends (•ө•)♡ Some people said: "Oh you will se when you're older you will go back" and I'm: "dafuq no I hate it there" and told them I was 19 years unhappy like Belle in her song: "There must be more than this provincial life" ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱

On Thursday
In the evening we met my cousin Sabrina (Ina ♥) and her boyfriend Florian for delicious burgers and a lot of talk of course! She is definetely my oldest friend because until I was 4 or 5 my family lived in the flat above her! So we saw us daily until my parents bought their own house :) We are definetely more than just cousins and she is really important to me! I can always be myself infront of her and say anything I want and she will never laugh or think I'm stupid, I'm so thankful for her! ♥ Florian and Patrick found a new topic to talk about- Star Wars! They are both big fans (^-^)
I had a Crispy Chicken Burger & as dessert a Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream (●´艸`)ヾ

On Friday we visited "Badeparadies Schwarzwald" (Swimming paradise Black Forest) finally again! It was amazing, because they have more than 10 cool slides with swimming rings which makes so much fun! (^ω^) And on the other side they also have a Palm oasis where you can relax ♥ (And no children under 16!! yes) I was finally able to wear my Liz Lisa swimsuit again and had a lovely time with Patrick (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Sorry I didnt took any pictures because I left my phone in the locker due to the fear it could be stolen >//<
In the evening I met my friend Ronja and her new dog Dobby! He is so adorable and really has the same ears like Dobby the elf :D I love spending time with them all! ♥(ノ´∀`) Shes absolutely the opposite of me - always partying, more alternative type with piercings and vegan - but we understand us very well (・ω<)☆

Side note: Some of you may have already seen this in my Instagram story but I saw this girl I dont like since I'm 13 - she was really terrible to me, lied a lot due to a lack of attention and in my opinion she is just a terrible person who made my life more difficult. I know this is savage af but we drove next to her in the car and I didnt saw her the last 4-5years? and she looks as terrible as her character. Just fat and ugly with a terrible sense for fashion - thats karma my dear! ψ`ー´)ノ I laught. A lot.! Patrick thought I'm too savage and of course I can be a really nice person - to those who deserve my kindness! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

On Saturday my parents, my brother Florian, Patrick and I visited a cool summer toboggan run which you can see on the left! We went all way up with a cable railway and at the top you had such a lovely view! Patrick is a little bit afraid of heights (acrophobia) but he made it and I was so proud (;へ:)He said after all things he really enjoyed the whole day and had a lot of fun! The view was really stunning (´⌣`ʃƪ) Sorry for my thumb on the picture but the sun was blending a lot and I was afraid to lost my phone and fall down ⊃゜Д゜)⊃ The toboggan run took a lot of time until you're done so it was really worth waiting 45minutes in line :3 
After that we decided to visit a little inn at the "Feldberg", the biggest mountain in the Black Forest, for some Café and Cake ♥ I was so tired after all that adrenaline and took a nap in the car on our way home :D My brother and my mother did the same, my dad was driving and Patrick enjoyed the landscape! :)

On Sunday we drove back to Düsseldorf. It took about 7,5hourse but felt much more longer  T^T As said before I need to sing when we drive - so I sang the whole time ρ(^o^)♪ (Poor Patrick) Have the best boyfriend who let me hear Disney songs  and sing with me to Moana! :) We started with two suitcases, a travel bag and a cool bag and came back with +5 other bags with things my mom gave us! :D We still need a lot of things for our home so I was really happy about all this presents ♥Btw I always wear twin braids for travelling because its more confident for me and my hair dont disturbs me lol :)
Sunday 30th July - Meet-up with Laura (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Like always we met us for some tasty bubble tea and a lot of talk! She's as shopping addicted as me and has such a lovely taste in fashion :3 I would love to see a wardrobe post from her or something because I bet her collection is amazing (♡´艸`) We both wait for a lot of packages which are stuck in customs since the 22nd! :0 We're so sad because we are so impatient for everything >///< First we drank some bubble tea (woah what a surprise ~ ) and after that we visited Naniwa and again I had Ebi Fry! :D Perfect for a small dinner (´ε` )♡ Ahh I'm so sorry but we didnt saw us in a while and had so much to talk and totally forgot about taking selfies QwQ
TenTen Coffee / Bubble Tea Dates with bubu
I absolutely spend too much money for bubble tea and Frozen yoghurt! but I say to myself: other people go to Starbucks - thats my Starbucks (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) I always drink my bubble tea with black tea - honey melon and green apple bubbles ♥ And try to be more healthy with my frozen yought and only choose berries as topping (something brownies lol I lost). Patrick explored the Iced blended chocolate for himself and is absolutely in love with it!

I hope you enjoyed this kind of Blogpost <3 It was a lot of fun writing and especially reading it again and see how much time passed by within one month! I hope I will have a lot of other lovely memories in this month as well :)

Have a lovely day everyone! Sendunding you much love ♥